journey-kids-explorersEXPLORERS is the name given to our Preschool friends. We want to incite wonder as they to explore and embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination. We want them to learn about God’s story and walk into elementary owning 3 key principles: God Made Me, God Loves Me, Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever.


journey-kids-pathfindersPATHFINDERS describe our K-5th graders. We want to help provoke discovery as they find their own path in God’s story. We invite them to a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus. They will go into middle school owning 3 new key principles: I Can Trust God No Matter What, I Should Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated, I Need To Make The Wise Choice


journey-kids-lighthouseLIGHTHOUSE is a Sunday morning environment designed for our young friends with special needs. We have a skilled and caring staff that minister to the spirit of each child in a space that appeals to many different sensory needs. For more information on this ministry, contact Cara Massey


fx-slide-webFX is a place where kids and parents learn together about one big idea from the Bible (we call it a LifeApp). It’s a 45-minute, fun, digital, interactive experience that happens once a month from September through May. Because our goal is to partner with parents, we introduce the LifeApp our Pathfinders (K-5th graders) are learning about all month long. We also provide each family with a FX Widget so that parents can help their kids apply the LifeApp at home – where it matter most! FX happens on the first Saturday of each month (during the school year) in our Worship Center from 6:30-7:30pm.


orange-buttonWe believe what a family does is more important than what we do at church. Therefore, our programming and curriculum is designed to strengthen the family and offer activities that will help parents maximize their influence. We sum up this strategy by using the following formula: Red + Yellow = ORANGE

The ORANGE vision is simply the combining of two forces; red represents the heart of the family, while yellow represents the light of Christ, the church. Combined, these two influences make a greater impact together than they ever do alone.

ORANGE is just a fresh way of expressing God’s desire to use the influences of the church and family together. The true potential of ORANGE gets released when church leaders and families work on the same thing at the same time with the same strategy. For more information on how our church is implementing this strategy, you can visit