Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry for those in 6th-12th grade.
Our goal is to equip every student to have a faith of their own. We do that by creating an environment of belonging where they are surrounded by authentic friendships and positive role models. 

Middle School

In Middle School the three basic truths that the teenagers will constantly hear are: I will follow Jesus because he knows me better than I know myself,  I will love God because he never stops loving me, and
I will live my faith so others can know who Jesus is.

High School

In High School the three basic truths that the teenagers will constantly hear are: I’m created to pursue relationship with my creator, I trust what Jesus did to transform the person I need to become, and I live to demonstrate God’s love to those around me.

Small Groups

Our Middle School and High Schools are Sunday nights from 5:00-7:00pm. We have dinner together and play a group game before moving into our phase specific large group and small group times.


We have different grade specific events and activities throughout the year including: retreats, camps, service opportunities, Bible studies, etc. 

Student Ministry Resources

For more resources download the Parent Cue App ( in your preferred App Store.

Our Orange Strategy

When you take THE LIGHT OF THE CHURCH and combine it with
THE LOVE OF THE FAMILY you increase the potential to influence a kid’s life. CHURCH + HOME = GREATER IMPACT
That means YELLOW + RED = ORANGE
That’s why we say two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences.

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